Masa para pizza: paso a paso

Pizza dough: Step by step

Pizza Dough: Step by Step
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¡Cuánto tiempo hace que no voy a una pizzería, madre mía, ni me acuerdo ya! Pero es que pizzas sin queso no se encuentran con facilidad. Así que como me gustan mucho, algún que oto fin de semana o durante las vacaciones preparamos pizza casera para cenar.
Recuerdo con mucho cariño cuando preparaba la masa de pizza con mis hijos siendo muy pequeños, subidos en una silla en la cocina ¡qué momentos tan maravillosos! Si nunca lo has hecho te lo recomiendo, los niños disfrutarán y puedes aprovechar para enseñarles cosas sobre los alimentos o a que prueben cosas que no les gustan mucho. Jugando cuántas cosas se consiguen.
Y si no sabes cómo se prepara la masa de pizza aquí te dejo una receta muy sencilla.
Con 250 g de harina salen dos pizzas de 20 cm de diámetro, que si las haces vegetarianas te dan para cuatro personas porque llenan muchísimo.
Si te sobre masa, la puedes guardar en la nevera envuelta en una hoja de film y se conservará dos o tres días perfectamente, tras los cuales el resultado será el mismo.

How long I have not gone to a pizzeria, oh dear, and I do not remember! But pizza without cheese is not easily to found. So as I really like pizza, occasionally during weekends or on holidays we like to prepare homemade pizza for dinner.
I remember fondly when I prepared pizza dough with my children being very small, perched on a chair in the kitchen, what a wonderful moments!
If you’ve never done I really recommend, children will really enjoy and you could use that moment to teach them about food or to try something they do not like eat too much. Playing many things are achieved.
And if you do not know how to prepare pizza dough here you can find a very simple recipe.
With 250 g flour you can get two pizzas of 20 cm in diameter, and if you prepare vegetarian pizza, four people can eat because they fill a lot.
If you prepare to much dough, you can keep it in the fridge wrapped in a sheet of film and keep two or three days, after which the result will be the same.

Pizza Dough: Step by Step
pizza dough step by step
pizza dough step by step
pizza dough step by step
pizza dough step by step




(Para dos bases de pizza)

    250 g de harina de fuerza
    125 ml de agua
    12,5 g de levadura fresca
    1 cucharada sopera de aceite de oliva virgen extra
    1 cucharadita de sal

Ver la receta en



(For two doughs of pizza)

    250 g bread flour
    125 ml water
    12.5 g of fresh yeast
    1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
    1 teaspoon salt


  1. Crumble the yeast, add three tablespoons of water and a spoon of flour.
  2. Mix well the ingredientes and let stand 15 minutes.
  3. In a bowl, mix the flour, the water and the yeast dissolved. Mix very well.
  4. Add a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of olive oil.
  5. Knead all ingredients for about five minutes until it comes away from the edges of the bowl.
  6. Form a ball.
  7. Cover the dough ball with a sheet of film plastic wrap and let stand for 2 hours at room temperature.
  8. After that time the dough will have doubled in size. During that time you could prepare the tomato sauce, roasted peppers and the rest of the ingredients you want to use.
  9. Set the oven to heat to 250ºC. While heating the oven, sprinkle with a little flour on the kitchen table and roll the dough with your fingers to give the shape of a pancake.
  10. With a rolling pin, stretch the pizza until it has the desired size.
  11. Place the dough on top of a pizza pan, if you have not you could use a pan without handle lightly greased or the bottom of a springform pan, those that can be withdrawn. Place the pizza directly on the bottom of the oven for 5-8 minutes until the dough seems cooked. With five minutes remaining cooked but not roasted, if you like more golden you can leave the dough a couple of minutes more in the oven but not much more because it will burn.
  12. Remove the dough from oven and lower the oven to 200ºC.
  13. Place the desired garnish. In this case, I choosed a vegetarian pizza where all ingredients except the egg are previously cooked. The pizza has a whole eggplant, a half pepper, four pear tomatoes (for the sauce), a spring onion and an egg, some origan as well. It is amazing, really good!
  14. Procede with the second bake for 15-20 minutes depending on the ingredients you used. This time the pizza introduce the pizza in the oven rack no more in the bottom.

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