Crema de calabaza con patata, quinoa y bulgur

Cream of pumpkin soup with potato, quinoa and bulgur

Pumpkin with quinoa and bulgur
Pumpkin with quinoa and bulgur

Una receta vegetariana que resulta un plato muy completo, ideal para cenar en estos días fresquitos de otoño. No es difícil de preparar aunque se usan muchos cacharos, porque yo lo cocino todo separadamente.
El bulgur es trigo duro partido, un cereal base de la cocina de Oriente Medio, la receta más conocida con este cereal es el Tabuleh. En esta receta está mezclado con dos tipos de quínoa blanco y rojo. Es un producto comercializado con esta combinación que resuta muy interesante. Para aquellos que no pueden consumir gluten, el bulgur también se prepara con espelta.

This vegetarian recipe is a very complete dish, ideal for dinner on these Autumn cool days. It is not difficult to prepare but I used a lot of pans because all is cooked separately.
The bulgur is a durum wheat, a cereal base of Middle Eastern cuisine, the best known recipe with this cereal is the Tabbouleh. In this recipe I used a mixture of bulgur with two types of quinoa, red and white. This product is marketed under this very interesting combination. For those who can not eat gluten, it is possible to buy bulgur prepared with buckwheat.



Ingredientes: (Para dos personas)

    Un trozo de calabaza
    1 patata
    1 cebolla
    1 taza de quínoa y bulgur
    1 diente de ajo
    4 tomates secos
    Hojas de cilantro o de perejil fresco
    1 pastilla de caldo vegetal concentrado bio
    Aceite de oliva y sal


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Ingredients: (For two persons)

    A piece of pumpkin
    1 potato
    1 onion
    1 cup quinoa and bulgur
    1 clove of garlic
    4 dried tomatoes
    Coriander leaves or fresh parsley
    1 vegetable bouillon cube concentrated bio
    Olive oil and salt


  1. Boiling cereal following manufacturer’s instructions. Normally, boil the cereals in twice the amount of water with a half bouillon tablet. Cook simmering until the water has evaporated (about 12 minutes).
  2. Meanwhile, boil the whole peeled potato covered in water, add a pinch of salt and a drizzle of olive oil. Simmer until tender without being undone.
  3. At the same time, peel and finely chop a large onion. Pour three or four tablespoons of olive oil extra virgin in a deep pan, fry gently the onion until it begins to transparent. Add the chopped pumpkin. Stir and cover, simmer until squash is tender (about 20 minutes). Add water to cover the pumpkin, boil for 5 minutes more with the other half of the vegetable stock concentrate. Remove and blend until creamy fine.
  4. In a pan with a drizzle of olive oil extra virgin, fry a garlic clove peeled cut into thin slices. When it starts to brown add the cooked grains (must be well drained). Cut the dry tomatoes into thin strips thin. Mix everything together and stir into the pan several times for blend all flavors.
  5. In a bowl serve the cream of pumpkin. Place in the center of the dish a thick slice of potato. Above a few spoons of fried cereals. Sprinkle cilantro leaves or parsley.


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