Brioche con crema de chocolate y fresas (sin lácteos)

Brioche with chocolate cream and strawberries (no dairy)

brioche with chocolate and strawberries

brioche with chocolate and strawberries

brioche with chocolate and strawberries

brioche with chocolate and strawberries


gariguettes strawberries




(Para 8 brioches)

      125 ml bebida de arroz
      10 g de levadura fresca
      1 cuch. de harina refinada
      250 g de harina refinada
      2 cuch. soperas de azúcar de caña
      1 cuch. de aroma de flor de naranjo
      1 cucharadita de vainilla en polvo
      1 huevo
      4 cuch aceite colza

Para decorar:

      Una yema
      Azúcar en trozos

Para la crema de chocolate

      2 tazas de bebida de arroz
      2 cucharadas de harina de maíz (tipo Maizena)
      2 cucharadas de cacao dulce para chocolate a la taza (tipo Paladín)
    4 onzas de chocolate negro

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Jope, qué bueno que está!


(For 8 pieces)

      Rice drink 125 ml
      10 g of fresh yeast
      1 tbsp refined flour
      250 g of refined flour
      2 tbsp sugar cane
      1 tbsp aroma of orange blossom
      1 teaspoon vanilla powder
      1 egg
      4 tbsp canola oil


      A yolk
      Sugar lumps

For the chocolate cream

      2 cups rice drink
      2 tablespoons cornstarch (type Maizena)
      2 tablespoons sweet cocoa for hot chocolate (type Paladin)
    4 ounces of black chocolate


    1. For the brioches, start diluting the yeast on rice drink warm temperature. Add a tablespoon of flour. Stir until well blended. Put the yeast in a warm place until it ferments, you will see it because it forms a foam.
    2. Mix the flour with the salt, two tablespoons of sugar, two tablespoons of orange blossom scent, a teaspoon of vanilla powder and the canola oil (I helped me kneading with a bread maker but only use the knead option). Beat the egg and add to mixture.
    3. When the yeast has fermented add to the flour mixture and stir until mixed and then knead for a while. The bread machine works the dough during one hour.
    4. Let the mixture stand for two hours covered with a damp cloth.
    5. After that time, knead the dough to remove the gas from the first fermentation and then divide the dough into 8 pieces, doing balls all the same size. Use some flour to facilitate shaping.
    6. Then place the balls on top of baking paper or molds into which you will bake the brioches. Spray some water to keep them wet and let it stand again for another two hours at least.
    7. When it is time to baking, preheat the oven to 180ºC. Beat an egg yolk and mix with a little water to make it easier to paint the brioches. With the help of a kitchen brush paint the visible surface of the brioches and spread a few pieces of sugar.
    8. Bake for 20-25 minutes.
    9. The chocolate cream is prepared with some hazelnut drink to dilute the cornstarch and instant cocoa. Put the rest of hazelnut drink to heat in a saucepan.
    10. When the liquid is very hot but not boiling, pour the mixture with cornmeal. Add 4 ounces of black chocolate, stir to dissolve all right. Lower the heat. Stirring constantly until you get a thick cream.
    11. When the brioches are cool, open the brioches in half and fill with a thick chocolate cream in hot. Allow the cream to cool and then add the chopped strawberries.

Joppa, how good it is!


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